PI Monger

PI Monger is a new and great looking site dedicated to the nightlife of Angeles City in the Philippines. Like it`s competitor Asian Escapades it`s a pay-site but with a monthly price tag of only US$9.95 quite affordable. I`ve checked out a few of the videos on Vimeo and YouTube and they look pretty good and professional. The members area is well organized and clear and includes a blog, a video and photo gallery, a forum and lots of bars, hotel and restaurant reviews. PI Monger might be the right place for you, if you`re thinking about a sex trip to Asia and want to see what kind of talent you can expect in the city of Angels.

pimonger PI Monger

PI Monger is a members-only website dedicated to the nightlife of Angeles City.

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World Sex Travel Guide

Probably the best and most extensive source for sex travel information is WORLD SEX ARCHIVES. I never go on a trip before checking out the huge database as there is all the relevant information on almost every country in the world. WORLD SEX ARCHIVES costs a few bucks a month but actually saved me a lot more than this on my many sex trips to foreign countries like Cuba, Brazil, Kenya, Russia, Cambodia or the Ukraine. Don`t get me wrong, WORLD SEX ARCHIVES is not about porn. It`s about traveling to foreign countries to hook up with the local talent. You will find many user-submitted photos of hookers in the lively forum and extensive trip reports written by experienced sex travellers. You are going to Cartagena, Colombia or Cebu, Philippines for the first time ? Feel free to ask your questions on the board. Where can I find the hottest chicks ? Which hotel is near the nightlife hotspots ? What is the going rate for an overnight action with a young hooker ? All the answers are on WORLD SEX ARCHIVES. Highly recommended !

garotas World Sex Travel Guide

A decent destination to have sex with hot Latina prostitutes is Fortaleza in the northeast of Brazil.

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Awesome pool party at the ABC Hotel in Angeles City, Philippines !

Have you been one of the lucky bastards who attended the pool party at the ABC Hotel in Angeles City a few days ago ? If not take a look at the video below I just found on YouTube and see what you have been missing. 300 hot Filipina bargirls packed around the small but nice pool and all of them in party mode. I just wish my stupid ex-boss could see this video, his horny eyes would probably fall out . The idiot is still married to a fat 50 years old white whale and all he can do is dream about a vacation in the Philippines. Boys, I love Angeles City !

Hot Filipinas are dancing like there`s no tomorrow at a pool party in Angeles City

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Pattaya, Thailand

I recently spent a few days in Pattaya, Thailand again and must admit I did not like it too much. This must have been my 126th or so trip to the main capital of prostitution and while I still had a good time there, I surely miss the “good old days”. Punting in Soi 6, usually always a highlight of my monger activities became a drag this time. Most of the service ladies were unattractive, bored and no fun at all. Not that much excitement in Walking Street`s gogo bars either. Who`s to blame ? Is it just stupid old me ? Is it Thailand`s rising economy and its new job opportunities that prevents young and fresh girls from spreading their legs for us foreigners ? How did you like your last Pattaya sex trip ? Looks like I will visit Indonesia, Philippines and Latin America more often in the future.

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Hot sexy nights in Cuba

Salsa, rum, chicas and hot nights in Cuba

Cuba – what a great country with full of surprises, adventures and hot chicas. Do NOT expect a delevoped infrastucture anywhere near what we have in the US or Europe. Cuba is a little bit like stepping into a time machine and travel back 50 years. Brightly colored American cars built in the 50s, old buildings lovely restored to maintain its beauty and all shades of girls – from nordic white to dark African black. Don`t even bother about hotels in Cuba because they do not allow jineteras – hookers – to entertain you in your room. Casa Particulares, private guest houses are the way to go. Most of them are pretty basic and cost about US$20-25 a night. There are no gogo bars like in Asia in Cuba, girls are all freelancers and can be found at the beach, in public parks and in discos. Cubanas are very communicative and they love talking to an Americano – and even more than that. Treat the girls nice, they are not spoiled western sluts and you gonna have the time of your life !

cubachica01 Hot sexy nights in Cuba cubachica02 Hot sexy nights in Cuba

cuba01 Hot sexy nights in Cuba

cuba02 Hot sexy nights in Cuba

Despite its political turmoil Cuba is a paradise for the single and adventurous man !

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Asian Cam Sex

I`m not exactly telling a secret when I say that live webcam sex is a very big thing in Asia. It`s a way to make an extra buck for thousands of Asian girls from the convenience of their bedrooms. Some of them are ex-bargirls, part- or full-time whores or frustated wives while others are just curios about the whole webcam thing and love to show pink in front of the cam. The setup is quite easy for the girls : All they need is a cheap computer with internet connection, a webcam and a sexchat site like ASIANS 247 or ASIAN CAM MODELS. No extra education or qualifications needed. Just get naked and spread your legs, honey. Great thing for me horny fat bastard when I`m thousands of miles away from Pattaya, Angeles City or Jakarta and have the desire to see some hot and wet Asian pussy. Give it to me, baby !

asian sexcam01 Asian Cam Sex asian sexcam02 Asian Cam Sex

asian sexcam03 Asian Cam Sex

asian camsex01 Asian Cam Sex asian camsex02 Asian Cam Sex

Hundreds of ASIAN AMATEUR GIRLS spreading their legs in front of a webcam !

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Fortaleza, Brazil

If you are into spicy anal sex with hot Latinas, Brazil is the place to go. I`ve fucked all three juicy holes of this perfect specimen in Fortaleza in the north east of Brazil for a little less than US$30 – all night ! How much you have to pay in your country for an all-nighter with a beautiful 20-year-old prostitute ? Deus e Brasileiro – God is Brazilian !

fortalezagirl Fortaleza, Brazil

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World Sex Archives

While smaller member boards like ASIAN ESCAPADES put their primarily focus on certain areas (in this case Angeles City, Philippines), WORLD SEX ARCHIVES very succesfully provides its readers with travel reports, information and photos of hookers from all around the world. Probably one of the most comprehensive sources on the internet when it comes to adult sex travel, WORLD SEX ARCHIVES entertains its readership now for almost a decade of sexual decadence. So if you are going on a sex trip this coming winter, either to one of the popular destinations like Rio de Janeiro or Bangkok or to one of the lesser known spots like Medellin, Colombia or Madagascar, find out about all the ins and outs at WORLD SEX ARCHIVES.

worldsexarchives01 World Sex Archives

worldsexarchives02 World Sex Archives

WORLD SEX ARCHIVES is one of the most comprehensive sources on the internet for adult sex travel.

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Santiago de Cuba : Fidel Castro`s hot daughters !

Cuba might not be the easiest country in the world for the punter but Castro` daughters on the big island are among the hottest girls on this planet. Since there are no direct flights from the US for non-Cuban nationals, Americans must enter Cuba from Canada, Jamaica, Mexico or the Bahamas. Is it worth ? Yes ! Cuban people are great and the country is a photographer`s dream come true. Did I mention the hot Cuban chicas…?

cubangirl Santiago de Cuba : Fidel Castro`s hot daughters !

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Amateur Asian Bargirls

With so many boring and outdated Asian porn content flooding the internet, it`s like a fresh blowjob to see new and fresh AMATEUR ASIAN BARGIRLS from the Philippines and Thailand. This brand-new member site is part of an all-new Asian girlie network including exclusive names like CHERRY GIRL 69, KEIRA LEE and JUST JULEE being the most popular ones. Like the title already reveals, all the models here are regular Asian bargirls, with most of them working the bikini bars of Angeles City and Pattaya. Photography is top-notch and I`m surprised how stunning some of them actually look. If AMATEUR ASIAN BARGIRLS continues to grow and maintain its high-quality standard, we surely have a winner here.

asianbargirl01 Amateur Asian Bargirls asianbargirl02 Amateur Asian Bargirls asianbargirl03 Amateur Asian Bargirls asianbargirl04 Amateur Asian Bargirls asianbargirl05 Amateur Asian Bargirls asianbargirl06 Amateur Asian Bargirls

AMATEUR ASIAN BARGIRLS are the main reasons why I travel thousands of miles to Asia every single year.

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